Monday, September 1

saki will be closed for Labor Day!

Just a heads up - the store will be closed on Monday, September 1st for Labor Day!

Friday, August 29

Just In: racks are packed for the weekend!

Seriously, so much new stuff and restocks that we're posting TWO 'Just In' images and there is so much more than what is pictured here! We got shipments today from Numero Group, Drag City, Matador, Dischord and more. Come dig!

Freak Happening presents: The Chill Family TONIGHT at saki!

Wednesday, August 27

20% off this week!

Here are our 20% off picks for this week! Remember, anything we've posted is discounted for the whole week, but we could add to this list at any time, so keep on checking the social network(s) throughout the week for more!

Our new tape rack is going up today!

We're putting in our second tape rack today, so get ready for MORE TAPES!

Just In: Sun Ra, Chelsea Wolfe, Je Suis Punk comp., Wand and so much more!

Tuesday, August 26

saki newsletter 8/26/14!

Hey folks, we're gearing up for a pretty awesome end of week/weekend with what is sure to be a loud-as-hell in-store on Thursday with Iron Lung, Una Bestia Incontrolable (from Spain) and Stay Asleep, and then the mighty FREAK HAPPENING on Friday night!

For this month's Freak Happening, Nick will be replaced as Goodrich's co-host by Sarah Shockey. We hear that Nick will still be in the building, but he's insisting that we call him King Kush. It looks like he has started some sort of hippy sex cult or something... who knows. These guys get weird every month. This month's lineup of comedians (King Kush wants us to call them guest prophets, but we refuse) includes Saurin Choksi, Sammy Arechar and Adam Burke. Join us on Friday for Freak Happening presents: The Chill Family (I think that's the name of their cult... oh boy)!

There's nothing crazy going on Saturday or Sunday, but we have a rare weekday in-store on Tuesday with our friends, Darto (from Washington) and Staring Problem! Darto is playing Tuesday night at Fireside with Cloakroom and a few others, but this is your chance to see them in a bright, sterile, daytime setting with (probably) less booze. We recommend you go to both of Darto's shows next week though, they're THAT good!

Next weekend we have the opening reception for Mike Conway's show, 'Drawing Makes Me Feel Good.' We're so so psyched to have Mike's work up on our walls. We think you're going to love it as much as we do!

Upcoming events:

Thursday, August 28th @ 5pm
In-store with IRON LUNG, Una Bestia Incontrolable and Stay Asleep!

Friday, August 29th @ 7:30pm
Freak Happening with Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart!

Tuesday, September 2nd @ 5pm
In-store with Darto and Staring Problem!

Friday, September 5th @ 6pm
Opening reception of 'Drawing Makes Me Feel Good' by Mike Conway!

Saturday, September 20th @ 12pm
BARO Records Showcase!

Friday, October 10th @ 6pm
Adam Hanson 'Haute and Bauthered' opening reception!

New releases:

Abigails - Tundra LP
Noel Akchote - Madrigals for Five Guitars CD
Bitchin' Bajas - S/T LP and cassette
Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE LP
Death In June - The Guilty Have No Pride LP
Eno and Hyde - High Life LP
Germ House - Showing Symptoms LP
Etta James - Rocks The House LP
Lightnin' Slim - Rooster Blues LP
Liturgy - Renihilation LP
Joe Manning and Joan Shelley - Outside, Stay Outside 7"
Matchess - Seraphastra LP
Merchandise - After The End LP
Music Blues -  Things Haven't Gone Well CD and LP
Negative Scanner - Ambitious People 7"
New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers CD and LP
Rentals - Lost In Alphaville CD and LP
Ty Segall - Manipulator CD, LP and cassette
Stone Breath - Children of Hum CD
Superdrag - Head Trip In Every Key LP
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone CD
Wand - Ganglion Reef LP
White Hills - Glitter Glamour Atrocity CD and LP
The Young - Chrome Cactus LP

Saturday, August 23

We've got guest list spots for these upcoming Schubas/LH shows!

With our running partnership with Schubas and Lincoln Hall we can add you to the guest list for any of these upcoming shows! All you have to do is make a purchase from any of the bands on the bill and we can add you (and a guest) to that show's guest list!


8/30 - Operators with Tweens
9/2 - Sonny and the Sunsets with White Reaper and The Sueves
9/3 - Single Mothers with War Brides
9/4 - Bishop Allen
9/8 - Jad Fair and Danielson
9/9 - Zammuto and Dosh
9/10 - Clipping
9/12 - Papercuts with Michael Nau (of Cotton Jones)
9/20 - Cymbals Eat Guitars with Varsity
9/27 - Benjamin Booker with Blank Range
9/30 - Il Sogno Del Marinaio (feat. Mike Watt) with Nones

Lincoln Hall

9/11 - Bear In Heaven with Young Magic
9/13 - Shabazz Palaces
9/14 - Califone with S. Carey
9/17 - Tobacco with Oscillator Bug
9/19 - Nick Waterhouse
9/20 - Com Truise
9/26 - Sebadoh with Wedding Dress
9/27 and 9/28 - Why?
9/30 - Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear and Dept. of Eagles)

*some restrictions apply*

Tuesday, August 19

20% off this week!

We are officially replacing our 20% off new release sale with a 'Hey, we chose these things to be 20% off this week' sale!

So, here goes for the first time - this week we have Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Spritualized Live at Royal Albert Hall (to celebrate the reissues of Fucked Up Inside and Let It Come Down), Pissed Jeans' cheekily named, Best of Sub Pop EP, Lazy's Obsession, Islands' Ski Mask, and The Vaselines' Sex with an X, all for 20% off this week!

saki newsletter 8/19/14!

Hey kids, what've you been up to? Oh, us? We've just been hangin' in the store, yoooou knoooow, sellin' stuff. It's been pretty cool! Hey, did anybody else see The Clean have a meltdown last night at Lincoln Hall? That was super weird!

Anyway, we've got some good stuff coming up! This Friday we have an in-store with Williwaw. The amp'd uke mayhem begins at 6pm! You can hear a little Williwaw here!

Next Thursday we have mayhem of another sort with an in-store headlined by freakin' Iron Lung! Una Bestia Unctrolable (from BarTHelona) and Stay Asleep will be opening. We're guessing this one will be a little crowded and sweaty, so get here early if you want a good spot.

Of course, seeing that next Friday is the last Friday of the month, we have FREAK HAPPENING, hosted by Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart! We hear they're starting a cult for this month's show, so that'll be FUN. Don't drink the kool-aid, but DO bring your own booze, because comedy is always better when you're a little bit drunk, guys.

That's it for now, more to come next week, including Mike Conway's art opening and a BARO Records showcase in the shop!

Upcoming events:

Friday, August 22nd @ 6pm 
In-store with Williwaw! 

Thursday, August 28th @ 5pm 
In-store with IRON LUNG, Una Bestia Incontrolable and Stay Asleep! 

Friday, August 29th @ 7:30pm 
Freak Happening with Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart! 

Friday, September 5th @ 6pm 
Opening reception of 'Drawing Makes Me Feel Good' by Mike Conway! 

Saturday, September 20th @ 12pm 
BARO Records Showcase! 

Friday, October 10th @ 6pm 
Adam Hanson 'Haute and Bauthered' opening reception!

New releases:

Don't forget to check the blog, instagram, etc., to find out what we have for 20% off this week! We are no longer doing a weekly NEW RELEASE 20% off sale, but we will pick 5-6 new items to discount at least once a week (maybe more) and announce them on our various social media. You can always just stop in and see what's on the 20% off rack by the front counter too!

999 - The Biggest Prize In Sport LP
Amanda X - Amnesia LP
Apache Dropout - Heavy Windows CD
Big Star - #1 Record (180gr reissue) LP
Big Star - Radio City (180gr reissue) LP
Bishop Allen - Lights Out CD and LP
Benjamin Booker - S/T LP
Botanist - VI: Flora CD
Bob Carpenter - Silent Passage CD and LP
Johnny Cash - American II: Unchained LP
The Chills - Molten Gold 7"
Coachwhips - Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine CD and LP
Crime - Murder By Guitar LP
Tashi Dorji - S/T LP
Eels - Beautiful Freak LP
Orenda Fink - Blue Dream CD and LP
Free Time - Esoteric Tizz 7"
Brigette Fontaine - S/T LP
Joel Gion - Apple Bonkers CD
Ernie Graham  - S/T LP
GOAT - Live Ballroom Ritual LP
Grateful Dead/John Oswald - Grayfolded 3xLP
Harold Grosskopf - Oceanheart LP
Heldon II - Allez-Teia LP
Hobbes Fanclub - Up At Lagrange CD and LP
Julia Holter - Don't Make Me Over 7"
Julia Holter - Tragedy LP
jj - V CD and LP
Joy - Under the Spell of Joy CD
King Gizzard and The Lizzard Wizard - Float Along LP
Fela Kuti - Confusion LP
Fela Kuti - Sorrow, Tears and Blood LP
Fela Kuti - Teacher don't Teach Me Nonsense LP
Lykke Li - I Never Learn LP
Literature - Chorus CD
Mallevs - S/T LP
Miami Dolphins - Becky CD
Music Go Music - Impressions CD
Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden CD
Pilgrims/Ghostt Bllonde - Home and Home Vol. 2 7"
The Plasmatics - New Hope For The Wrecked LP
The Posies - Failure LP
Sleeping Bag - Deep Sleep CD
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down  LP
Spiritualized - Fucked Up Inside LP
Trash Talk - No Peace LP
Vial of Sound - God's Oscillator LP
Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See The Light of Day LP
Zigtebra - The Brave CD

Daniel Knox and Andrew Bird at Chicago Theatre

I needed this night so badly after the horrible week last week. I needed some hope. I needed to remember that people can be good, and that they can create beauty as well as destroy. I needed to remember that art and music can heal, even if only a little and even if only temporarily.

Daniel Knox at Chicago Theatre 4
Photo by pmonaghan on Flickr

On top of all of that, I was incredibly nervous for Daniel and his band. I wasn't nervous because I was afraid they couldn't handle it or that their music wasn't worthy. I was nervous because a group of people that large can easily dismiss the opening act, especially an unknown one. I've seen already famous Jeff Tweedy ignored opening for Patti Smith at The Riviera. I've even recently seen the Chicago Theatre audience turn on Willie Nelson, with about a third of the floor standing and talking through much of his set. I so wanted Daniel to have a good experience, and I so wanted Andrew's audience to give him a chance and get him, because on a good night, I don't think he could ask for a better group. Andrew's music demands active listening for it to unfold into full blossom. On Saturday night, Daniel and his band were about as good as I have ever seen them, and Andrew's audience gave them the best reception for a largely unknown opener I think I have ever seen in thirty seven years of concert going. Daniel's set was beautifully crafted, and the quiet Chicago Theatre space embraced his baritone and falsetto like they were made for each other. Andrew's audience responded in kind. His rolling songs and voice from another era grabbed the crowd, and his tales of eye-gouging ghosts, creepy hand lotion, loves past, and the Springfield of his childhood were more than enough to keep it.

And then Andrew came out.

Andrew Bird at Chicago Theatre 1
Photo by pmonaghan on Flickr

And good lord. I'm not a good enough writer with enough adjectives or finesse to describe his set that was at times luscious and at others stripped down to gather-round-a-mic-and-belt-it-out essentials. A single apparition with a violin backlit by a single large stage light started the set, which slowly built to a full band crescendo over the next few songs. Tift Merritt's presence only added to the gravitas and lent a slight grounded, country twang to music that Andrew's ghostly visions could sometimes use but that he just doesn't possess. (I have heard Rennie Sparks describe playing with Andrew as "like playing with a spectre about to disappear.")

Tift and the rest of Hands of Glory were an invigorating change from Andrew's normal band. I love that band, but there was something stripped down and a little more raw with this group, almost kinda sorta punk rock, that really pushed through all night. They played at least five Handsome Family songs, though in my reverie, I sorta stopped being able to think clearly enough to count.

My eyes welled up with tears at the sheer beauty of it all three or four times. I think I was overwhelmed by the fact that I can't comprehend how this all comes out of a human being's brain, how Andrew can even conceive of it and then have the talent to make it real, to put his musical and artistic vision into a concrete form that allows us mortals a tiny peek inside. And yet here it was. An accidental tour that had become this fully formed piece of breathing art of many synonyms are there for the word beauty?

Poetry exists to allow words to point to ideas larger than themselves, to act as symbols, and I'm no poet. I think to describe what I'm trying to say here, I really need to be, so I'll stop.

Thank you Daniel. Thank you Andrew. Thank you Andrew Bird's amazing audience. Thank you incredible musicians.

If there was not beauty, there would be no beauty to destroy.

You can click through the entire set using the side arrows or go here to open in a new window and see larger shots.

Friday, August 15

We are having phone issues!

Our phones are down once again! All calls to saki will forward to another line and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have that way, but we recommend contacting us through Twitter DM, Facebook message, or you can e-mail and we will get back to you as fast as we possibly can. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience!