Tuesday, September 16

saki newsletter 9/16/14!

Get ready, you guys, it's gonna be a fun week! Well, mostly weekEND, but we'll try and pack as much fun into the weekdays as possible if you come visit us.

On Friday we have the one year anniversary of our beloved FREAK HAPPENING! Nick and Goodrich have stacked the lineup with favorites like Marty DeRosa, Kristin Clifford, and a presentation by Conor Sullivan (with his assistants Sarah Shockey and Megan Maile Green). That's all they've told us because we like to be surprised at Freak Happening. There's sure to be more!

We're doing double-duty on Saturday with a full-day BARO Records showcase in the store, starting at noon, featuring sets by ANT'LRD, Jacob Kart, Trevor Luikart, Jerome Baez, and Joe Jeffers, as well as DJ sets by Calidonia County, Bre'r, Kevin Hein, and Drawing Trees. We'll ALSO be at Schubas from 12-4 for their annual Pig, Swig, and Record Dig! The Pig Swig is one of our favorite events to visit each year. It's a pig roast, with awesome drink specials, a ton of raffle prizes, DJ sets and stock available to purchase from us and a bunch of other Chicago shops and independent sellers. It's one of the last outdoor events of the year before it gets too chilly, so don't miss it!

Next weekend is CASSETTE STORE DAY! We'll have a bunch of new and reissued tapes available, as well as an in-store with Woozy, Coaster, and Pisces at the Animal Fair. We're also celebrating with a $1 used cassette grab bag and some special saki mix tapes. As far as we know saki and Bric-A-Brac are the only participating CSD stores in the city, so make sure you hit them up as well. They've got in-store performances all day, and surely some other fun stuff too.

We'd also like to remind everyone about our running promotion with Schubas and Lincoln Hall! You can pick up a new release from any artist playing an upcoming show at Schubas or Lincoln Hall and we can add you to the guest list with a friend. Some exceptions apply, so please call or come in and ask us if you have any questions. To sweeten the deal, we now have a very similar promotion with The Empty Bottle! If you see an upcoming show at The Bottle, stop in and pick up a release from any band on the bill and we can add you to the guest list with a +1! Here's a few upcoming Bottle shows we recommend:

9/21 Wand

9/24 The Rebel, Spray Paint, Deaf Wish, Running

9/25 Mutual Benefit, Ricky Eat Acid, Thin Hymns

Don't forget about our weekly 20% off sale! Here's what we've got this week. Make sure you keep checking all our social media. We'll add new titles as these sell out!

That's Royal Headache (to celebrate the coming Australian Invasion), Talking Heads, The Muffs, Robert Wyatt, Rollin Hunt, and Cheap Girls!

Upcoming events:

Friday, September 19th @ 7:30pm
Freak Happening One Year Anniversary show!

Saturday, September 20th @ 12pm
BARO Records Showcase!

Saturday, September 20th, 12pm @ Schubas
Find us at the Schubas Pig, Swig, and Record Dig!

Saturday, September 27th @ 4pm
In-store with Woozy, Coaster and Pisces at the Animal Fair!

Wednesday, October 8th @ 6pm
Important Records with Brandon Wetherbee!

Friday, October 10th @ 6pm
Adam Hanson 'Haute and Bauthered' opening reception!

New releases:

Activations - Radio On 7"
Aliment - Nightmare Girl 7"
Allah-Lahs - Worship The Sun LP
Anjou - S/T CD and LP
Baths - Ocean Death 12" EP
Beach Beach - CD and LP
Andrew Bird - Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of (Handsome Family covers) LP
Black Star - Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star
Bleached - For The Feel 7"
Coliseum - S/T deluxe reissue LP
Mac Demarco - 2 Demos LP (limited edition, indie retail-only)
GRMLN - Soon Away LP
Have A Nice Life - Death Consciousness LP
King Tubby - Explosive Dub LP
Lia Ices - Ices CD and LP
The Intelligence - Boredom and Terror/Let's Toil LP
Talib Kweli - Quality LP
Melted Toys - S/T LP
My Brightest Diamond - This Is My Hand CD and LP
Michael Psycho - Think LP
The Rats - S/T LP
The Rats - Intermittent Signals LP
Shintaro - Sakamoto - Let's Dance Raw LP
Shellac - Dude Incredible CD and LP
Sloan - Commonwealth LP
Soul Side - Trigger/Bass-103 LP
Teenage Guitar - More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush LP
This Will Destroy You - Another Language CD and LP
Vessel - Punish, Honey CD and LP
Wire - Document and Eyewitness LP
Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend LP

mount eerie :: dragon

My obsession with Phil Elverum continues. Sauna is due out in 2015 via P.W. Elverum & Sun. The theme of the album is "vikings & zen & real life." Phil is debuting "extremely stripped-down" versions of the songs throughout his September tour, which stops at Co-Prosperity Sphere on the 27th.

Wednesday, September 10

DTOX Designs' Riot Fest 2014 shirts now available at saki!

DTOX Designs' shirts SOLD OUT at The Hideout/AV Club's Block Party this weekend.

DTOX himself just dropped off a bunch of unique designs for Riot Fest Chicago 2014! We have short and long sleeve button downs for adults and bright green t-shirts for the kids. Each shirt has a unique design!

These will only be around for a week or two so don't wait!

20% off this week!

All of Billy Bragg and Wilco's Mermaid Avenue LPs, Sleeping Bags latest, Delta Spirit's Ode To Sunshine (in celebration of their new release), Trouble In Mind's classic Dentists reissue, and both Cut Hands Vols. 3 and 4!

 Make sure to keep an eye on the blog and all our social media. As these sell, we will add more titles for the week!

Tuesday, September 9

saki newsletter 9/9/14

Hey there, we'd like to thank Mike Conway, The Krunchies and everyone who came out for the art opening on Friday, as well as all you folks who visited us on Friday and Saturday at the Hideout Block Party/AV Fest merch tent! We had a blast all around. The Block Party may be done and gone, but Mike Conway's incredible artwork will be up in the shop all month. This is our favorite kind of art show, so don't miss it!

We're taking a well deserved break on the events for a while, but we'll be back at it on the 20th with a BARO Records showcase in the shop ALL DAY, as well as a visit to the Schubas Pig, Swig and Record Dig (another one of our favorite things)! We'll have more info on both of those things later on, so check back!

Upcoming events:

Saturday, September 20th @ 12pm
Baro Records Showcase!

Saturday, September 20th @ Schubas Tavern
Find us at the Schubas Pig, Swig, and Record Dig!

Saturday, September 27th @ 4pm
In-store with Woozy, Coaster and Pisces at the Animal Fair!

Wednesday, October 8th @ 6pm
Important Records with Brandon Wetherbee!

Friday, October 10th @ 6pm
Adam Hanson 'Haute & Bauthered' opening reception!

New releases:

Ryan Adams - S/T LP
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems! and Such LP
Autonomy/ No Sir, I Won't - Split 7"
Awful Man - Waiting For The Tanks To Come LP
Banks - Goddess LP
Bastard Cut - How To Spot A Bastard LP
The Beatles - Revolver (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Rubber Soul (MONO) LP
The Beatles - With The Beatles (MONO) LP
The Beatles - White Album (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Please Please Me (MONO) LP
The Beatles - Help! (MONO) LP
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (STEREO) LP
Blonde Redhead - Barragan LP
The Brass - Homosapien LP
Can - Tago Mago LP
Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band - Promises To Deliver LP
CUNTZ - Here Come The Real Boys LP
Dead Dog - Precious Child LP
Death From Above 1979 - Physical World LP
Delta Spirit - Into the Wide LP
Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography LP
Don't - 89/Dead End Drive 7"
Earth - Primitive and Deadly LP
Earworms - S/T LP
Explosivo - If The Devil Had a Guitar CD/LP
Failure's Union - Tethering CAS/CD/LP
For Serious This Time -  Weird Life LP
Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace LP
Ben Frost - A U R O R A LP
Gleam Garden / Browntrout / The Because / Your Pest Band - 4 Way Split 7" Volume 3
GSD (Go Sell Drugs) - In Hades LP
Hanami Quartet - S/T CD
Donny Hathaway - Extension of a Man LP
Hiss Golden Messenger - Lateness of Dancers CD/LP
Iron Chic - Split N' Shit EP CD/LP
Iron Chic - Not Like This CD/LP
Kerretta - Pirohia CD/LP
Lampchop - Live at XX Merge LP
Jenny Lewis - Voyager LP
Low Culture - 7" EP
Man Without Plan - Sounds Too Loud, Lights To Bright CD/LP
Marian McLaughlin - Derive LP
Murmurs - Fly With The Unkindness LP
Nona/Crow Bait - Split 7"EP
Obnox - The Juke Sat By The Door LP
Plow United - Goodnight Sellout LP
Shang-A-Lang - Sad Magic LP
Tennis - Ritual In Repeat CD/LP
Unfun - Caroline LP
Unfun - Shores of Lake Erie LP
Weedeater - And Justice For Y'all LP

Just In: Blonde Redhead, Ben Frost, Jenny Lewis, more Can reissues, Dilated Peoples, Earth and more!

Monday, September 8

Thor's Guide to the Pitchfork Music Festival

Next to Slowdive's set, this may be the greatest gift from Pitchfork in 2014.

Friday, September 5

Just in: Total Control, Priests, The Sonics, Cozy and more for your weekend!

While a bunch of our stock is at The Hideout for Hideout/AV Fest Block Party, we DID get in some restocks and new arrivals for the weekend, including a new batch of Hozac titles, Moniker Records' Hot and Cold LP (with a split 7" coming up on Gary Records), some more reggae new arrivals, Ann Peebles classic I Can't Stand The Rain, and the BBC Workshops Radiophonic Music comp.!

Thursday, September 4

X Plays "Wild Gift" at City Winery

Night two of four.

Not in the Face from Austin opened again. Exene sang one song with them again, and was great. And they finished their set with false endings on four of their last five songs, demolishing some unwritten rule for opening bands.

While Los Angeles will always be my favorite X album, tonight was a much better show. The house sound was great and the stage sound seemed to be less bothersome for the band, especially Exene. They were again augmented by multi-instrumentalist Michael Kilpatrick, who first joined on maracas during "Adult Books" and later played a lot of spirited rhythm guitar. They ripped through Wild Gift–"Universal Corner" and "White Girl" oh my–and then took a short break.

A highlight of the second set for me was the lovely and forlorn, downtempo "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes." After that, the set ramped up and took off, and for the first time I've seen, people were dancing at City Winery. A black shirted employee tried to put a damper on it, but these old people would not be denied their twenty square feet of dancing space stage right. By the end of the set, Exene had turned her mic to that corner and was singing just to them. It occurred to me last night that maybe X were doing these seated gigs to protect their aging fans, and themselves from liability, from broken hips. I think everyone made it out in one piece.

The set really exploded with last night's closer, their cover of The Doors' "Soul Kitchen.". They received a raucous standing ovation, as opposed to Tuesday's polite standing ovation. They returned and attacked "Drunk in My Past," "Blue Spark," and "Because I Do," and I thought the yelling was loud enough to get them back out, but it was not to be.

Ready for tonight's Under the Big Black Sun.


Wild Gift
Your Phone’s Off the Hook But You’re Not
We're Having Much More Fun
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
How I Learned My Lesson
Motel Room in My Bed
Soul Kitchen
Drunk in My Past
Blue Spark
Because I Do

X Plays "Los Angeles" at City Winery

On the first of four incongruous nights at City Winery, X played the album that got me through high school, the album that I could always latch onto no matter how bad things felt like they were going for me, especially when I felt like they were going bad. Los Angeles is 1,100 miles west of Midland, and culturally a lot further than that, but something about this record, and the tales of youth alienated from the larger culture ("Unheard Music"), spoke to teenage me in a way that nothing else had, and I had something to latch onto.

I can't think of a more un-punk place to see my favorite punk band play my favorite punk album, but the show was very good. They fought the sound for most of Los Angeles, but Exene managed to recenter herself and they soldiered through just fine.


“Los Angeles”

The Hungry Wolf
Year 1
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
Poor Girl
How I (Learned My Lesson)
I'm Coming Over
Make the Music Go Bang
Beyond and Back
Motel Room in My Bed
Devil Doll
Drunk in My Past
Adult Books
Because I Do

*(if you were there and think it was different, please send me a note. I got carried away a few times.)

Wednesday, September 3

Gilles Peterson talks Sun Ra on the BBC!

A fun little snippet from the BBC on the collectibility of Sun Ra's music and art. Watching this pairs nicely with the big stack of Sun Ra vinyl we brought in this summer. Pick one up today - any one - they're all amazing!

Tuesday, September 2

This week's 20% off staff picks are....

.... these records! That's Sea of Shit, Jawbreaker, Canadian Rifle, Rad Payoff, Swearin' and Pile.

Remember, we might add more or change these throughout the week, so check back.

Total Control 'Typical System' FINALLY in stock!

Today's the big day! We finally have Total Control's new album Typical System in stock, and just in time for today's in-store with Darto and Staring Problem!

If you didn't pick one up from Iron Lung at their in-store last week (this record was released on IL's label) now's your chance to grip it!

saki newsletter 9/2/14!

Hey, first thing's first, be sure to stop by later this afternoon for the return of Darto! We had these folks in for an in-store a while back and they were incredible. They're back in town to play Fireside tonight with Cloakroom and a few others, but this is there all-ages pre-show. PLUS we have Staring Problem opening and they will not be at Fireside tonight, so that's a b-b-bonus!

This Friday we have the opening reception of Mike Conway's art show 'Drawing Makes Me Feel Good.' Mike is hanging the show as we speak and we can already tell this will be one of our best shows of the year. Don't miss it!

Well, there is ONE good reason to miss Mike's opening... we'll be selling merch at the Hideout Black Party/AV Fest this weekend and our buddies The Handsome Family are playing the fest! If you need to miss the art opening for that, we totes understand.

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, September 2nd @ 5pm
In-store with Darto and Staring Problem!

Friday, September 5th @ 6pm
Opening reception of 'Drawing Makes Me Feel Good' by Mike Conway!

Saturday, September 20th @ 12pm
BARO Records Showcase!

Saturday, September 27th @ 4pm
In-store with Woozy, Coaster and Pisces at the Animal Fair!

Wednesday, October 8th @ 6pm
Important Records with Brandaon Wetherbee!

Friday, October 10th @ 6pm
Adam Hanson 'Haute and Bauthered' opening reception!

New releases:

Daniel Bachman - Grey Black Green LP
William Basinski - Disintegration Loops 1-4 CDs
Bilders - The Utopians 7"
Can - Monster Movie LP
Can - Ege Bamyasi LP
Castanets - Decimation Blues CD and LP
Jennifer Castle - Pink City CD and LP
Aby Ngana Diop - Liital LP
Earth - Primitive and Deadly CD and LP
Half Japanese - Overjoyed CD and LP
Jack Ruby - S/T Vol. 2 LP
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity LP
Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails LP
Justice Dub: Rare Dubs from Justice Records LP
Le Revelateur - Extreme Events LP
Lightnin' Slim - Rooster Blues LP
Mutual Benefit - Cowboy's Prayer LP
Helado Negro - Double Youth CD and LP
Pelican - Arktika LP
R.E.M. - MTV Unplugged 1991 LP
R.E.M. - MTV Unplugged 2001 LP
Nikki Sudden and Rowland S. Howard - Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc LP
Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated LP
Teenage Guitar - More Lies from the Gooseberry Bush LP
Christopher Willits - Opening CD and LP
Yob - Clearing the Path to Ascend CD
Zammuto - Anchor CD and LP