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Wednesday, November 30

Robbie Fulks and Jon Langford at Hideout Chicago

Monday night we finally made it out to see Robbie Fulks' regular gig at the delightfully early time of 7pm. (Yeah, I'm old. Piss off.) Of course, The Hideout is always awesome, and, of course, the music was great. They took turns singing a combination of originals from each of them mixed with some classic country standards. I think my highlight was Robbie singing the BEEyootiful Wynn Stewart made famous by Merle Haggard number "Sing a Sad Song." Yowza! Revelatory for me. While Jon accompanied, Robbie also sang Jon's classic "Nashville Radio," which I'll guess was probably a first for both of them.

There was a really good crowd, so much that Jon asked, "Robbie, how long have you been doing this? You get more people on a Monday night than The Mekons get in Barcelona (? memory) on a Saturday!" I thought he was gonna rip on him for not inviting him until now, but no. Jon's a wee bit too classy for that, at least he was Monday.

I took a few pics of "The Odd Couple" from the back which came out quite dark, and shot a couple of videos, which came out pretty well. They're all posted after the jump.

Jon Langford & Robbie Fulks 1Jon Langford & Robbie Fulks 2Jon Langford & Robbie Fulks Encore 1Jon Langford & Robbie Fulks Encore 2

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