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Monday, June 5

saki is up!


It's been a while hasn't it?

Well, the reason that we staked out this little corner of virtual ground in the first place is saki, the online store for Carrot Top Distribution (CTD, Ltd.). And after a laborious birthing process, it has finally moved into early testing stages.

Feeling brave?

Check saki out.

Hopefully we'll ascertain how to get the old Best Buy posts moved to archive status. We'd like to keep them available because people are still reading and offering the occasional comment but we'd like them to not be staring us in the face every time we drop in. Some scabs should remain unpicked until necessity calls.

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  1. Ocasek is a sellout ? You must be a complete mongoloid to say that. This guy has dedicated his life to producing bands that he felt needed more exposure. Bad Brains,Suicide, Iggy Pop. D Generation. Yes he wrote pop songs but he also wrote Rock songs that were ground breaking for their time. Why do think he chose to do the GBV project cause the miilons it would make him ? It didn't work out as far as most GBV fans go, but slagging the godfather of new wave
    without any facts makes you look like a complete tool. Ya jackass


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