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Wednesday, July 12

A Song Saved My Life Tonight

Posted this on the CTR News page as well but thought it was so cool/important that it needs repeating...

This quote from Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family that ran in the huge, amazing cover story in the Minneapolis City Pages really hit home. It's why songwriters write, musicians play, fans buy their albums and go to shows, and music business people work 12 hour days.

"There's something about songs that lets them do things we can't do for each other," says Rennie Sparks in the story. "It's a different language, almost a dream language. It can make you feel alive again, aware of beauty again. You feel like suddenly you're in a magical place. A song can feel like it's saving your life. It's important. Art has a purpose. Feeling alive is very hard to do sometimes. It's easy to be numb."

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