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Thursday, January 3

Creepy Sales Figures

Overall physical retail decimation in US (according to RIAA) is

2002 v 2003 -6.8%
2003 v 2004 4.4%
2004 v 2005 -7.6%
2005 v 2006 - 12.8%
2006 v 2007 -15% (proj-with Xmas sales -20%)

By my primitive math, that's a drop of 33.3% (33 1/3) since 2002. What a spooky, ironic number. (33.36172 actually.)

These are overall figures, and are skewed toward the mega selling majors. Indies have fared better. Vinyl (both indie and major) has fared better.

Caveat: My math skills have eroded to microscopic levels and the 2007 number is an estimate—though the figure was put in before I did the math.

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