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Tuesday, May 13


Aside from music, our favorite thing is food.

Next? Talking about food. Really, it's almost all we do when we're not complaining.

Our favorite Chicago restaurant, Hot Doug's, was just named Best Cheap Eats in Time Out Chicago by the reader's poll. We'd put their specialty dogs against the best restaurant in any other category. See if Custom House, Blackbird, May Street Market, Boka, Landmark, Nacional 27 can match this sampling from the recent and ever-changing menu:

The Game of the Week
Bacon and Cheddar Elk Sausage with Guinness Stout Mustard and Cahills Whiskey Cheese

Blue Cheese Pork Sausage with Toasted Walnut Mustard Cream and Fiery Apple Salsa

Whiskey-Fennel Smoked Pork Sausage with Peppery Dijonnaise, Double Cream Champignon Cheese and Sel Gris

Smoked Shrimp and Pork Sausage with Cajun Tartar Sauce and Blue Cheese

And my regular menu standby:
The Dave Kingman
(formerly the Shawon Dunston and the Rick Reuschel)
Chicken Sausage: Classic Italian-style or zesty Sante Fe-style
("Dunston Santa Fe with everything," of course)

And who's that holding the dogs over Doug's dog? Why our erstwhile employee, Metalmonte, of course.

Just don't ask for them to stay open later or desecrate their delicious duck fat fries with cheese!

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