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Tuesday, June 3

Leftover Pizza Salad

My favorite recipe from Julia's time at Joel's restaurant:
  1. Chop leftover pizza into bite-size squares.
  2. Assemble tossed salad.
  3. Add pizza squares.
  4. Add dressing.
  5. Cue up movie and vaporizer.
  6. Enjoy.
When Julia was leaving Joel's to open Lounge Ax, Joel's owner, Jody, famously told Julia that Lounge Ax would be closed within six months tops. While at a friend's birthday party ten years later—also at Joel's for some reason, he yelled at us for buying and drinking all of the restaurant's supply of a few different liquors. ("But if you drink it all, then we won't have any!") As an added bonus, Lounge Ax was still going strong. Nice man. Smart man. Reckon he was smart enough to hire Julia to manage his restaurant, and invented LPS, so at least he has a small positive legacy.

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