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Tuesday, July 8

Behold the Kaossilator

We've been trying to get our hands on a batch of these since we found out about it months ago. Korg has finally promised a new batch of them will appear sometime in early August and we damn well intend to have some to sell. Hopefully after we all buy ours there will be some left for the rest of you. We'll post a link for preorders on Saki later this week. What an incredible little box!


  1. I want one! Are you really getting them to sell? When? How much? Or should I just go ahead and grab one off eBay for $200?

    I have two of the other Kaoss pads and love them... they process sound... they don't have as many preset sounds as this little guy... this looks very very fun!

  2. We sure hope so. Several of us here want one as well. Korg is trying to decide whether they want to open up to non-musical instrument store retailers. Guess we'll see.


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