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Monday, August 25


Damn do people love this record! Lindstrøm's "Where You Go I Go Too" scores a huge one with an 8.6 on PFork. Tim Finney says:
With its shimmering, strobing synthesizer melodies, dizzy layering, and measured rhythmic pulse, "Where You Go I Go Too" superficially resembles the depth of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians and the cheesy grandeur of Tangerine Dream. But, as with his recent covers of Can ("Mighty Girl") and Jon & Vangelis (last year's "Let It Happen"), its logic is all Lindstrøm: The more he embraces the work of others, the more he ends up sounding like himself.
and wraps up with:
Paradoxically, Lindstrøm knows all the right moves to give his own brand of spacey disco an air of transcendence, but the result feels so effortless that his facsimile and the "real thing" become indistinguishable-- a fake so real it's beyond fake.
Oldsters will be reminded of later, soundtracky Tangerine Dream, early Jean Michel Jarre and the airier, less overtly heinous works of Vangelis, (cf. "Antarctica,"), but nobody younger than me knows those guys anyway!

Can't wait to see what Lindstrøm can do with the Chicago skyline.

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