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Monday, October 6

Giving Away a Coctails Box

Never got an answer to this when posted 2 months ago, but we have gotten a few decent guesses, so let's run it up the flagpole yet again and see if anybody salutes:
    Trivia: In 1993, The Coctails held their record release party at the Division Street jazz club The Bop Shop. Who played the opening set for The Coctails at this coming out party for their genre bending, critic confounding, garage jazz album "Long Sound?"

    First correct answer in Comments gets a free copy of "Popcorn Box" mailed to their home.

    Hint #1: It wasn't Hal Russell!
    Hint #2: Around the same time, the artist in questions opened on a bill for Corndolly and The Coctails.
And the answer is
Liz Phair


  1. Was it Peter Margasak's very audible whining...

    I remember hearing that throughout the night actually...

  2. How far off could I be assuming that this was left by Mark? Not very far at all. Who else would hold a grudge for 15 years?

  3. I just tell it like it was...

    As satisfying as the set was, it was AS satisfying snatching the promo copy of the Long Sound LP out of Peter's hands that evening... sheesh... he can pay his rent that month by selling his OTHER free swag to Dr. Wax... I didn't want our art to play any part in his scheme.

    Good times...

  4. Interesting guess, but no. Keep guessing.

  5. Was it Shrimp Boat?
    When they were off, they were noodly-jam-band boring. But when they were ON, they were amazing.

  6. This is a GREAT guess for both time and place, but unfortunately it's wrong. Unfortunately because you don't win and unfortunately because Shrimpboat would have been much better than the real opener.

  7. Yoan,
    Also a good guess, also incorrect, and also much preferable to the real opener.


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