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Thursday, December 11

The Third Annual Hideout Christmas Dinosaur Panto

I can't tell you how much fun these are. If you can, GO!


The Hideout Players present
The Third Annual Hideout Christmas Dinosaur Panto

"Mutiny on the Beagle: A Darwinian romp on the open seas in search of the Jurassic Origins of Christmas"
Thursday, Friday and Saturday December 18th, 19th and 20th at 7:00 sharp! and 10:00 sharp!
6:00 and 9:00 door

Early shows all ages and family friendly
Late shows over 21 only and less friendlyFancy dress encouraged

Hideout folks, 

It’s that time of the year again... The Holidays! 
And that means that the Annual Hideout Holiday Panto is back! 
Yours truly will star as the young Charles Darwin, a wordy and misunderstood naturalist, searching for the scientific origins of Christ-mas! Moby Duck is back too! 
If you want to join us on our voyage, we urge you to buy your tickets now. They sell out fast, and we don’t want to overcrowd the boat! 

See you soon, 
In celebration of the 2009 Darwin Bicentennial, the Hideout Players present their third annual pantomime* (see definition below) telling the little-known story of Charles Darwin's terrifying voyage on HMS Beagle and his amazing discoveries in the uncharted jungles of Christmas Island.

Starring Chicago's best-loved Pantomime Dame, Jon Langford as Mrs. Ahab,
 the fearsome uni-ped and ship's cook. Also featuring Tim Tuten as Charles Darwin (evolution in reverse), Mike Bulington as the villanous Sir Joseph Bonkers, Callie Roach as Finchy and Derek Erdman as Beaky (the world's oldest cabin boy), Gnat Ward as the gender-ambiguous harpoonist and recovering cannibal Queenqueg, and Amy Lombardi as the partially evil Captain Blight. And welcoming back, after a self-imposed exile in the jungles of Christmas Island, Janet Bean as Hanoi Janet. Assorted Hideout regulars double as grimy, scurvy-ridden sailors and overly-festive dinosaurs. Moby Duck returns once more as herself. 

Directed very reluctantly by Sally Timms.

Seating is strictly limited to 60 people per show. 
Limited chair seating, mainly floor seating so bring your own cushions. 
Advance ticket purchase highly recommended.

Thank you.

Ye be warned.

*A pantomime is a traditional British Christmas play. Originally silent productions, the pantomimes are a mix of fairy stories, folk tales and much loved cartoons, which encourage audience participation. The audience becomes very involved in the performance, with lots of hissing and booing of the villain and cheering for the hero. Some pantomimes include a song for the audience to join in with, and others invite children up on stage to chat to one of the performers. In pantomimes the male roles are often played by women and female roles by men.

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