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Friday, January 2

Change That Annoying Sci-Fi Apple Startup Screen

One of the only things I hate about Jaguar is the new Time Machine graphic (aurora.jpg is also found in your YourHardDrive>Library>Desktop Pictures>Nature—please note the ironic folder name while doing it) that is thrust upon you every time you start your computer. It's bad enough that Apple chose this high school graphic arts class project to represent Going Back In Time to retrieve your lost files, but to thrust it upon us each time the computer restarts, and with no obvious method of changing it, is an artistic abomination. 

I can't for the life of me understand how anybody got this by Steve. I have to assume that either this happened while he was in the hospital or in physical therapy, or that it was made by a close member of his family.

So here's how to excise the offending beast:
  • First, you must be an Administrator on this computer. You can verify this by going to System Preferences>Accounts and making sure that "Allow user to administer this computer." is checked. If so, continue. If not, go figure that out on your own as it's beyond my scope and time right now. Sorry.
  • Find a picture that you want to see every time your computer boots up. 
  • Make sure that it is a big enough image to fill your screen without getting jaggy
  • Open it in Preview.
  • Go to File>Save As.
  • Save your photo as a JPEG called DefaultDesktop.jpg. It must be a jpg and it must be called DefaultDesktop.jpg.
  • Navigate to the folder YourHardDrive>System>Library>CoreServices
  • Drop that new DefaultDesktop.jpg into the CoreServices folder.
  • You will be asked to Authenticate your God-like powers over your System files. Do so by clicking Authenticate. 
  • Then confirm that you want to Replace the existing but horrible image file.
  • You will then be asked for your Administrator password.
Your new image will now appear at startup and at your log-in screen if you have multiple users on your Mac. Sit back and enjoy.

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