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Thursday, January 8

Happy Birthday 7 Inch Single!

Regardless of all the doubt I hear from my middle-aged friends/family, vinyl is still going strong! And the 7 Inch has been revived at an age when these doubters never could...70 years old!

2009 marks the anniversary of the first 45, issued by RCA on March 31, 1949. Since the vinyl's peak 30 years later, the generation that was raised repetitively replaying these singles have come to assume that their demise came soon after the CD.

But no! Many of today's young lads, all over the world, are bringing back the format as both a collector's item and for its unmatchable sound quality. This trend has even produced enough sales to keep a few manufacturers around, and we are thankful for that.

Read more at BBC News.

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  1. I thought the cassingle killed the 7"! Who knew?


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