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Friday, February 6

Goodbye Lux...

Although most of the mainstream news wouldn’t have touched the story with a 10-foot pole, it was very sad to hear of the passing of the one of the greatest frontmen of our time, The Cramps’ Lux Interior. For well over 30 years, Lux, his wife Poison Ivy, and a variety of degenerates tore up the stage wherever they played. I’ve never heard anyone tell me they didn’t like The Cramps, and it’s hardly surprising with their infectious blend of rockabilly and punk rock, all served with a hearty helping of double entendre and sexual innuendo.
I was lucky enough to see Lux perform twice, and each time he put on such a show that I’m still able to tell the tales now...neither of which are for public consumption - let’s just say that The Cramps really had to be seen live to be fully appreciated. For those of you who did get to see The Cramps, I’m sure your memories, like mine, will live on forever. For those of you who missed out, there’ll never be another Lux Interior.
RIP Lux.

For those of you new to The Cramps, check out the piece on Pitchfork that has some great footage attached, including live clips from UK indie show “The Tube” and from a famous show they performed in a mental asylum! enjoy...

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