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Friday, February 20

A little humor to wrap up the week.

Given the serious tone the blog has taken this week, with illegal downloading contributing to the demise of Touch & Go as we know it, and Ticketmaster and Live Nation attempting a merger to become the "Live Master" of the music performing universe, potentially leaving indie promoters out in the cold, I figured I'd try and make a more lighthearted, cheerful blog post today.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you these gifts:

Hearkening back to Pete's post bringing us the gastronomic monstrosities presented at www.thisiswhyyourefat.com, I present you the Bacon & Cheese stuffed Pizza Burger.

Furthermore, though in and of itself, it may be a representation of copyright infringement, I couldn't help but share this with you due to its sheer hilarity. While I discourage anyone from trying this at home, this "alternate take," shall we say of Motorhead's Ace of Spades was created by someone using Microsoft program Songsmith that can be found on clicking the link to the song title.

And finally, in a possible career-ending tragedy, everybody's favorite New Jersey-bred artist (with possible exceptions being Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Count Basie, The Misfits, Debbie Harry, Ted Leo, George Clinton, Carole King, Whitney Houston, and The Jonas Brothers),

Jon Bon Jovi is losing his hair.


  1. Nice try Dan! But I'm still pissed. Hair or no hair.

  2. Oh, thank god for selective post summaries. Now I don't have to look at that disgusting burger or that knob with no hair ever again if I don't want to. And I DON'T WANT TO.

  3. I believe those with a good sense of humor have a good sense of life. Also those with a good sense of humor are cheerful. The bacon & cheese stuffed pizza burger does not look nice cut half way, little weird.


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