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Friday, February 13

Week in Review

Well, the week has ended again and everyone here at CTD looks tired and maybe a little hungry. (I suppose some of us might even be thirsty.) (I also heard that at least two of us are just pretending to be tired, hungry, and thirsty.)

At the end of the week, I always find myself reflecting upon its events; struggling >desperately to clear the fog of emotion and organize everything that happened into rational (or rationalized) categories. This week much went down, some of which I have listed below where certain other things should and will not ever be told.

Monday: Two staff members find the body of a dead clown and it is questioned as to whether he actually died with a smile on his face or not. Jason wore new socks to work, but nobody noticed.

Tuesday: My bike was awarded a flat tire on the way to work and ended up having to hitch a ride from a what turned out to be the ghost of a lady truck driver. Someone brought their kids to work and we got a fine for child labor.

Wednesday: A tiger was spotted by the dumpster in the back and caused many unsettled feelings. Rumors begin to circulate about the mysterious origins and purported powers of the beast. Brook notices that his hairline is receding and becomes worried that he is going to lose his hair.

Thursday: I was not here on this day, so your guess is as good as mine. All I really know is that Friday started out with a lot of apologies.

Friday: Fear of the dumpster tiger rises as it is spotted once again; this time menacingly perched atop a van (the version I heard had the tiger with a glazed ham between its teeth.) Some jokes were told and laughs were had, but mostly things went normally for the rest of the day.

That's about all that happened which is worth noting. Not a particularly eventful week when you step back and look at it. Another time, perhaps.

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  1. all of this was going on right under my nose!!!
    I must be more attentive.


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