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Friday, February 27

Yes, We Have No Websites

Update: Turns out it wasn't their DNS attack at all. They just, umm, FORGOT TO COPY OVER ALL OF OUR DIRECTORIES SO THERE WAS NOTHING TO SERVE THE REQUESTS. And then they forgot to look at their trouble tickets OR the email replies to their automated email asking for us to let them know if something is not working. We were down for about 42 hours total.
Very nice.

Through the grace that is Dreamhost, today was supposed to be a banner day. Today was the day that we moved our websites and MySQL server backend for saki over to our own private server. We were supposed to gain a ton more control of our sites and see a significant speed bump because we would have our own private server resources and not be sharing with other hogs. We were supposed to be golden after they did all the work. This golden server was provisioned for us at 0200 Friday morning.

Instead? Well, it's 2300 hours ALL of our websites are down! That's nearly a full day 36 41 hours now and counting.

Still no response from Dreamhost. :-|

Do we have new release information going out on Friday to our retail customers?

Do we have new release information going out to our mailorder customers?

Do we have customers, writers, and the morbidly curious checking carrottoprecords.com to learn more about the Bitter Tears album that comes out on Tuesday but shipped out to stores this week?

Thanks Dreamhost! Here's a ringing endorsement of your technical savvy and incredible customer service communication skills.

No wonder the first week of Private Server is free!

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