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Wednesday, February 18

yet another era ends

It was with great sadness we heard today that one of America's independent music institutions, Touch & Go, were to cease to exist in the form they are now. While their extensive, and might I add AMAZING, back catalog should still be available, it just won't be the same. We all know lots of people from T&G who are affected by this, and it is a sad day indeed.

Think about the first time you heard Big Black or Jesus Lizard or The Didjits, and how incredible and packed with energy those bands sounded - well, you have Corey and the good folks at T&G to thank for those memories, and many, many more besides.
My fave T&G memory will always be the 25th Anniversary Party at The Hideout, as I was fresh to Chicago (only 4 weeks here), and had 5 people staying with me from all over the world - 2 from NYC, 2 from London, and 1 from Austin - all here for what we all considered a once in a lifetime event. And it was too - I can now die happily knowing I got to see both Scratch Acid AND Big Black play live just once...and at the same show too. Thanks to that show, many dreams came true, including that of one of my friends, who is now dating Doug from The Didjits!

Corey, thanks for all the good times...

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