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Thursday, March 19

Ambient Update 3.19.09

It appears I have a sort of weekly ambient update going on here... Well, here are a few gems of information that crossed my droney little eyes:

First, I've been reviewing many of the Miasmah releases this year. It is fair to say this is one of my favorite labels at the moment. So when I saw last night that they are going to start pressing some of their records on vinyl, I was rather ecstatic. The first album to receive the vinyl treatment is Jacaszek's "Treny," due out in early April. Another bit of Miasmah news - due sometime this summer is an album from former Slowdive drummer Simon Scott called "Navigare." I still listen to Slowdive regularly (a couple of us here in the office celebrate "Slowdive Friday's") and the songs on his myspace page sound VERY promising. Yep, I'm excited.

My last bit of news for the week is in reference to the ongoing Wordless Music Series, held in New York. I've never made the trip out to one of these, but have been blown away by the shows they put together, like the Stars of the Lid, Deaf Center, Hammock, and Tim Hecker performances for instance. On May 8th, Mono (backed by the Wordless Music Orchestra) is performing the New York premiere of Arvo Part's Symphony No. 4 (Los Angeles), the composer's first new work for orchestra in 30 years. May 29th is the U.S. debut of Wolfgang Voigt's legendary ambient project, Gas. Also that evening is a rare live performance of Brian Eno's 1975 classic "Discreet Music," played by the Contact Ensemble.

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