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Monday, March 30

Sad People Feeling Sad Things

Sometimes people get into very bad moods; but not the type of bad mood that can be dispelled with jokes and friendly banter. I'm talking about the type of mood that causes a cloud of pain for all around, and there is sadness in the hearts of everyone which makes it tough to get through the day. Then there are the arguments brought on by irritation and grumpiness and before you know it, the whole place is filled with terrible feelings. But these moods are unpredictable. At times, they can seem like they are gone, dust on a windy day, but then, suddenly, they return and the desert of sadness fills back with hot sand. (Oh! to see the clouds part only to find that the harsh, brutal blizzard has more pelting and frosting planned.)

Other times, people are in great moods. They are handsome, funny, and jovial; spreading goodness all across the land. And this mood lasts long and heartily, like a large quantity of stew. People begin to sing and great books are written and all things look, sound, and taste delicious. Good moods are the good type of mood.

But good moods can be tarnished by bad ones, ground into hateful dust by the devil's teeth. A bad thing has occurred when that happens, and nobody wins.

That is what I am thinking about today.

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