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Wednesday, March 4


Read more about the making of the Speck Mountain and Bitter Tears videos.

The CTD twins have done it again. Little Susan and Tall Annie came out, rowed the boat, and gave us some videos to watch. Readers of this blog will know that these videos were posted on Monday of this week, but they may not know the story behind them. The rumors, of course, are true. Annie dropped the wire while Susan was preparing to cut it and the videos are music ones that are seen to the sounds of Speck Mountain's "Angela" and a few songs by The Bitter Tears. The first, Speck M., was created by jumping through a hoop both before and after it was lit to a state of flaming, but the creator, knowing the danger of fire, decided to skip the last, flaming step and jump only through the unlit hoop. Once the hoop was discarded, it was carded once again and everybody went home.
I can't remember who the second video was for, but I know that there are some numbers floating around that are inaccurate. One of the few bits of truth that you will get from this blog entry is that the man hours put into the video was significantly less that the 50 that has previously been attached to it. The truth, which is a lie, is that it took more like 20 minutes and that it was drawn by six apes, all of which were captured from the wild and never named. After they were skinned and eaten, a journal of animation experiences was found in the sleeping bag of one of the apes. Below, I have included an excerpt from the 14th of June 1994.

The mailman came twice today and then he came a third time. Today was a strange day.
The color of the sky in the morning was the same color as gold. That was a nice thing to see.
There were four oranges in a row, laying on a table. I was glad that there were not five.
A merman or some mermen appeared in the sink after lunch. That was another reason why today was a strange day.

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