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Monday, March 23

Week in Preview

So many times we have seen the week through the lenses of someone's "past glasses." And so many times have we been awed at what went before, retiring to our easiest easy chair and getting lost in what was, while the present slips through our fingers. But on this day I bring you better. On this day I bring you a thing that has wowed kings across America, a thing called the Week in Preview. Instead of recapping the events of the past and telling tales of times that can never be lived again, I will tell you the juiciest gossip, the whitest lies, and the full truths about who is and who is not gay; all before it ever happens. That way, you can know which days to look forward to and when to prepare yourself to "live in the now." It is yet another solution to one of the scores of problems that now face us in this world of the future (need I remind you that the future is now?). Buck up, you, all your problems will be solved by the experts as long as you have the patience to just wait for the solution.

So at last, here it is, the Week in Preview:

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