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Monday, May 11

Speck Mountain - KEXP Song Of The Day

The title track to Speck Mountain's newest release, "Some Sweet Relief" will be featured on the KEXP Song of the Day Podcast this Wednesday May 13th!

About KEXP's Podcast:

The KEXP podcasts are available always for free. The majority of our podcasts are distributed through iTunes, though they are additionally available directly from KEXP.ORG and through other podcasting aggregators and RSS feeds like Zune, Firefox Live Bookmarks, and many others. Three of KEXP's podcasts subscriptions are are within iTunes' top 100 podcasts in regard to popularity: Song of the Day (#13), Music That Matters (#37), and Live Performances (#68). The Song of the Day podcasts are featured also the KEXP Blog (http://blog.kexp.org).

This week's songs include:

May 11 The Arch Cupcake - Rubix Dude
May 12 Baby Dayliner - You Push, I'll Go
**May 13 Speck Mountain - Some Sweet Relief**
May 14 Phosphorescent - Wolves (Live)
May 15 Erik Blood - To Leave America

"Some Sweet Relief" is now available digitally, on CD and LP at www.carrottoprecords.com.

Subscribe to the Podcast here!

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