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Thursday, June 11

How fans spend their money

We love the fans that actually pay for their music. But how do they decide what to buy? According to this Billboard article by Glenn Peoples, the Association of Independent Music Stores (AIMS) conducted an online survey of 1,067 AIMS store consumers to find out. Here are some of the interesting results:

4/5 buy from a friends referral
80% buy after a live show
39% heard it on the radio
16% saw it in a newspaper
15% trusted the TV

Where do they buy digital music?

85% on iTunes
23% on Amazon MP3
14% on eMusic

Where do they find referrals online?

78% Pitchfork
44% Rollingstone.com
39% Stereogum
28% Brooklyn Vegan
23% My Old Kentucky Blog
14% Largehearted Boy

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