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Monday, August 24

Electronics of the Future

The future holds a variety of amazing possibilities. Technology is making truths of our wildest dreams. But what about our roots? What about the superstitions of the past, without which we never would have gotten to where we are today?

Though, my question is not, "What have we done to be true to our past?". But rather, it is, "What if they were right all those years ago?" What if spirits do truly exist; living in the wood of our tables or fixing our shoes late at night? Wouldn't it be embarrassing if we spent so much time and money trying to develop new technologies which an elf or fairy could do without thinking? But we also live in a world where technology has become so integrated into our lives that we surely cannot live without it. At least, it would be a major undertaking and debilitating upheaval which would do more to disrupt our journey into tomorrow than help it.

Think more on that while I make a seeming digression.

Electronics are a very large part of this new, future driven technology which I mentioned above. Our computers, TV's, music players, and communication devices are just a few examples of these electronics; and I don't think I'm mistaken when I say that they greatly affect our lives. But what is the biggest problem with electronics? They seem to be ever evolving, forcing us to upgrade constantly. "Argh!" as a certain lady comic strip character would say. This is extremely distracting to our technologically integrated lives. Every time they unveil the new line of gadgets, we are essentially sent back to the stone age. But wait...Maybe that is just what we need. Let's take a step back, to the days of leprechauns and genies. Let's go back just for a moment. Just long enough to grab some of those "fantasies" in our hands and bring them back with us. Back to the future.

 And here is the future, as I see it:
Technology mixed with magic. Why not build electronics that not only receive software updates to better run computer programs, but also come with hardware upgrades? Electronics that "learn" how to perform better by actually having small improvements made to the physical hardware. Improvements made by the same shoe repairing elves of folklore. Just download a few gnomes, sprites, or any other mythological representative right before you go to bed; leave a few morsels of food and perhaps a shilling now and again; power off you equipment; and wake the next day to a "brand new" home theater system.

Just imagine: Smart Electronics.

 Take the strain off the metal mines and landfills, put the long neglected peoples of yore back to work, and listen to the new hot single on the Dolby Digital Surround Sound 5.1 speaker system that used to be your clock radio.

Once again, I leave the rest up to you. Go forth and make the future today!

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