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Tuesday, September 8

Caitlin's Tiger Beat moment of the week

OMG!! Fresh off a crazy three day weekend I was ecstatic to receive my promo for the new Sondre Lerche album. "Heartbeat Radio" out in stores today.

Now, I consider myself a pretty big music nerd. Sure, there are musicians that I admire and think are attractive. Though usually it's their music that I'm most attracted to. I never understood the whole 1960's screaming girl deal - I can't hear the music when you're screaming so loud! Pipe down, harpies!

...I think I get it with Sondre. I scream on the inside for this skinny Norwegian.

First signed to a major label at 16, this is Sondre's 6th release. It's lovely singer/songwriter goodness evoking the spirit of Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach along w/ some Bossa Nova as well.

Playing at Schubas in Chicago on 9/19.

Just look at 'em - If I was a better designer I would draw little hearts around this picture. CL + SL = <3

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