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Tuesday, September 1

Competition Time!!

Thanks for everyone who came out and had fun at the 2nd CTD DJ night last night...a good time had by all I believe, and some stellar selections of music too.

as promised, I'm now running a little competition based on my set last night...and the prize is any album of your choosing from the vast CTD catalog.

what you need to do to win said prize is to work out the connection between the records in my set, listed below, and also tell me the odd record out.
simple, right?

here's the set:

Crazy Penis - There's A Better Place!
Dinosaur Jr - Just Like Heaven
Sonic Youth - Beat On The Brat
Merry Clayton - Gimme Shelter
Joe Bataan - The Bottle
Jesus & Mary Chain - Vegetable Man
Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man
A Million Sons - Misty Blue (Schmoov Mix)
The KLF - Elvis on The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 77 - Superstition
The JAMS - Downtown
Scala - Heart Of Glass
The Orb - Huge Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld
Ciccone Youth - Addicted To Love
Cud - You Sexy Thing
De La Soul - Say No Go
Laibach - Across The Universe
Lard - They're Coming To Take Me Away

one little tip for you all...it's NOT that they are all in one way or another a cover of someone else's songs...that would be too easy :)

send your answers to me at pete@ctdltd.com
Good Luck!

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