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Tuesday, October 13

OmniFocus Hearts GTD White Paper

Some of us around here have been attempting to be organized about reigning in the chaos that is our lives, especially while at work, and have gravitated—or been pushed at gunpoint—to OmniFocus.

The OmniFolk have just posted a cool white paper on their site that walks you through why, what, and how in the fun and concise manner for which they are famous.
But Omni, you’re saying. White papers are so boooooring. They use words like “extensible” and “data-driven” and most of them are just cheesy marketing materials in disguise. WAHHH. 
Listen, I can’t hear you when you use that tone of voice. And stop worrying, because this is a totally useful document written by our stellar documentation folks, and the marketing weasels didn’t even touch it. (I wanted more cowbell, but would they listen? NO.) 
The white paper gives a thorough explanation of how the GTD concepts of Capture, Process, Organize, Do, and Review are handled by OmniFocus, and you don’t need to have any previous understanding of the Getting Things Done system to read it. As a sometimes-committed, sometimes-not OmniFocus user myself, I found this white paper really helpful and inspiring.
So check it out.

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