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Tuesday, December 15

Glenn Jones & Jack Rose - The Things That We Used to Do

While we mourn the loss of Jack Rose, a glimmer of excitement can not be helped as we see a preview photo from the upcoming Glenn Jones & Jack Rose DVD to be released March 2010 by Strange Attractors Audio House. The label describes it best:

"The DVD was always meant to celebrate the two titans of the new steel string movement, almost as a mini-documentary.  It will remain a celebration, and will honor Jack, simply because his playing is astounding throughout (he nails all of them in one take save one, which he got in the second).  It shows the comparisons and contrasts between two artists, collaborators, friends.  Jack’s playing is so MUSCULAR, while Glenn is delicate in comparison.
You will love the half hour interview/conversation with Byron Coley.  I learned a lot from it.  Glenn has so many great stories about Basho and Fahey…it just comes off as three pals shooting the breeze, very cool." -Chris Scofield (Strange Attractors Audio House)

photo by Sam Erickson/44 Pictures

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