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Friday, December 11

A Tough Row To Hoe - Detroit Cobras @ Double Door 12/19/09

Being a cover band can't be easy. There is an inherent stigma attached to playing nothing but other people's songs; "If you guys are so damn good, why don't you write your own freakin' songs?!?" While there is something to that argument, there are also bands that manage to skirt it. Case in point, The Detroit Cobras (performing 12/19/09 at the Double Door). If there is no other reason to give these vintage r&b and garage connoisseurs any credit, it is because most people haven't heard the original versions of at least half the songs they perform and (re)record. Kind of makes them an educational resource if you ask me. 

Here is a personal favorite that they fuzzed-up for a 1996 single on Human Fly, now available on their Original Recordings: 1995-1997 compilation. The fantastic Doo-wop Top 40 that inspired them is here as well.

Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights - Village Of Love (o.g. 1962)

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