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Friday, January 8

5 Surprises for the Music industry of 2009

According to Mark Guarino, these were the 5 unlikely trends of 2009:

1. Vinyl continues to spin - Sales were up 33%

2. MJ lives on in his music - After his death, Jackson's albums sold over 8 million copies

3. The Beatles are back - They were the biggest selling group of '09 and 1 was the top selling album of the decade

4. Country is king - 8 of the top 10 most-played artists of the decade were country stars

5. Starbucks is saving music retail - Alternative retail outlets accounted for 30% of album sales

Read the full article here.

1 comment:

  1. Curious that Mark would stick Starbucks on there. They may have "saved the music industry" but I don't know which part of it they saved. As far as I know they folded up their tent and went home last year after the Carly Simon debacle and ongoing lawsuit, and the realizations that they are a) a coffee company and not a music company and b) the music business largely sucks. Odd choice.

    What are your Top 5 2009 surprises Kate? I'd be more interested to hear what other saki bloggers think on that front as well.


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