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Friday, February 19

Drink Up And Be Somebody

I don't spend a hell of a lot of time perusing the vast number of music and music related resources on the web. There are only soo many hours in the day and so many online videos of adorable animals being adorable. I do however, have a couple favorites that I find myself going back to time and time again.

At the top of the list is the LA-based Aquarium Drunkard. Blogs that blend past and present as well as AD seem few and far between. One day it's a heads-up on a new Harlem track or an interview with Antlers, the next it's a retrospective of Tex Mex Godfather Doug Sahm or a look back at French pop gem "Comment Te Dire Adieu".

Dwelling in the past isn't good, but neither is ignoring it.

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  1. hahah that's my friend's blog! he went to pitzer (where drew goes) and was at a living room show a few years ago, and now moved into an apartment in LA that used to be a venue called "madame wong's", i guess considered the birthplace of punk in LA. he asked me to help think of some bands that may be interested and i gave him a bunch of CT names :) he had devendra banhart and vampire weekend in the fall, just went to carlos santana's son's album release there, and the smith westerns+pearl harbor. oh cool kids. anyways, yay for connections in so many ways. anyways, miss you! come visit! -Erin


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