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Monday, February 15

Chris Knox rocks and you need to hear (and hopefully buy) this cd!!

A cd that I have been eagerly awaiting is finally being released next week, "Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox." Chris had a massive stroke last June that left him verbally and physically impaired.
He has made huge progress since then and I hear he is not so far away from his old self. Chris played a few times at my old bar, Lounge Ax. Aside from his amazing music, my fondest memory of him is his insistence on wearing flip-flops in Chicago in January!!
Lots of fine musicians contributed songs to the cd, including Yo La Tengo, Bill Callahan, AC Newman, Lambchop, The Bats, Stephin Merrit and oh so many more.

On an unrelated note, my 88 year old Dad just send me a friend request on facebook. woah. I think it's pretty awesome that he is embracing technology and 'keeping up' with the times. He is not one to be left behind just because of a little thing like age. I admire that. He loves old country music, zydeco, and jazz. He enjoys some Handsome Family music also. If you want to be his 'friend', let me know.

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