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Friday, February 5

Interview with the Bitter Tears! Who knew?

Every once in a while, something happens that only happens once in a while. This is one of those while's that only comes once here and once there. I have had the fortunate opportunity to ask the band The Bitter Tears a few questions that have been burning a hole in my bag of questions for some time now. And fortunate for you, I was able to get the rights to distribute that interview on this very blog. So with much ado above, but none to come, here is that short conversation of key points of interest:

Please note the time before you begin answering these questions.

Hey, guys, how are you?
(This question was added after the interview was over, as a means of making the conversation seem more alive and personal, thus there is no official response.)

If Jesus had a twin brother, also named Jesus, and they were very similar in style and ideas, would you not be bothered if they traded off being the “Lord and Saviour,“ as sometimes happens in movies about twins?
I would follow Jesus' example and I would twin myself, laughing into the bird bath in my backyard

If there were 12, what would 3 be?
That would be James, son of Zebedee.

As a band, you make music. Is this something you intend to do, or is it something that just keeps happening?
Catholic questions, please! What song was St. Cecilia singing to her executioners as they sawed her head off? (Note to the reader from the Interviewer: I can't remember the title of the song, but as I recall it, there was some mention of a merry-go-round.)

I was given two email addresses when I was assigned this task (One for a man named Mike , and another for a man called Alan). I asked the other guy if he was tired and he said that you were the tired one. What did he mean and is it true that it is you?
Lili von Schtupp: “ tired. tired of playing the game. ain't it a crying shame. Let's face it... everything below the waist is kaput.”

The first time I heard “Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse“ I liked it, but the second time and the third time seemed more like I enjoyed it. By the fourth time, I liked it again and on five I thought it was “really good.“ Was that intentional? Because I felt like it was intentional.
It might take a while, but everyday we get closer to writing a masterpiece like Henson Cargill's “Skip A Rope”.

Note the time again. Exactly how much time of yours have I wasted with this absurd interview?
If our record sales are any indication, we're wasting (censored)'s time.

(Note to the reader from the Interviewer: The editor felt that this comment represented the band poorly. We have too much respect for the band to allow it to be published.)

Thanks for your time. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

(This was also mentioned outside of the presence of the band and has no response.)

The Bitter Tears' score: 6 of 6, or 100% Well done, some of those were trick questions.

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