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Friday, March 19

Peru Dia Uno - In Which Julia y Patrick Cross the Horse Latitudes and Julia Has Immediate Trouble with the Amazon

Peru Dia Uno
Julia and I are in Peru for a long-awaited and long-postponed wedding celebration. It is my hope to dash off at least a short post for each day here with a few pics. Whether I can find a net connection remains to be seen, but I'll do what I can to at least write every day even if it means it gets uploaded every few days.

Yesterday started with me waking up at 630 and finding an itinerary that I had shared with a lot of friends and family that had us leaving on a 0900 flight. After hyperventilating and waking up Julia, we were relieved to find that I had bad info and that our flight was indeed at 1230.

Half way to Lima, Julia pulled out her Kindle to find an indellible blotch in the middle of her screen. This is obviously a major drag because she's a voracious reader, especially on vacation, and she went from fourteen books to being without anything to read in a flash.

We arrived in Lima a bit early at 2315 and flew through customs and immigration. After exiting into the terminal, we saw nobody we knew and so found a seat in the corner to wait for the rest of the family to show on their flight that was getting in about the same time. After Julia walked around http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3053415

For the afternoon, Julia, Jordan and I walked over to LarcoMar shopping center which is between us and the ocean cliff below. It is a large, mostly outdoor mall where we managed to find a book store, Starbucks for Julia, and a North Face store to replace the trekking pole I left in the car at O'Hare.

Jordan and I then fought our way into a very nice theater that was like a more upscale Alamo Drafthouse to see "Shutter Island" with Spanish subtitles. They did not translate the curse words, but the film is a very good homage to Hitchcock. See it.

Huaca Pucllana. A huaca is a pre-Inca (400AD) pyramid temple kind of thing and this one is huge and mostly lighted for night viewing. It is still undergoing excavation.

The restaurant is actually in the grounds of the huaca and the outdoor dining area looks out on it—reminding me a lot of Cibus in Athens, which is a first class place situated in a park in the Plaka with an unmatched view of the Acropolis. While Huaca Pucllana is no Parthenon in scope, scale or age, it is still an impressive structure.

The restaurant itself is also beautifully appointed in every way and takes wonderful advantage of its surroundings without overwhelming the huaca, or being overwhelmed by it.

The food served reportedly earned it Best in Lima a few years back and the service was friendly and attentive without hovering. We liked it very much, though the actual dishes were not quite as delicious as lunch.

All in all we have been very pleasantly surprised by what Julia rightly called the cosmopolitan nature of this city—its architecture, art, food and people. The driving and traffic…well we'll leave that for another time. 

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