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Monday, March 22

Peru Dia Tres - Wherein We Encounter a Day of Rest

Sunday we rested. We slept in with the intention of taking a city tour through the hotel, but instead rambled into the hotel restaurant a few minutes until noon with Jordan and their friend Daniel. We heard our waiter tell us that the buffet lasted only until noon, which I thought explained the beautifully appointed, but sparsely seated dining room. With only five minutes to go, I was the only one who wanted to tackle the enormous buffet, so I grabbed a plate and frantically heaped food on it from the luxurious salad bar. When I finally sat down, I was informed that the buffet was, in fact, just starting, which explained both the quizzical looks I received from the hotel staff and the different food stations bulging with newly prepared delights.

After lunch we strolled back across the street to Larcomar in search of a battery charger for Julia's camera and I smoked her at air hockey 2-0. She also decided to pass on the Starbucks coffee because the one she had there earlier tasted weird or something, and it was the first time she'd had a coffee from that company that didn't measure up to her exacting specifications.

(Obelisk at LarcoMar)

For dinner, we met Susy's familia for seafood at Restaurant Costa Verde on the ocean, where I learned my brother had become ill overnight. I think it was the first time I've ever seen him not finish a plate of lobster, but of course he tried. I had pasta and shrimp.

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