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Tuesday, May 18

Ba - NARM - arama

This year’s NARM conference, held in our own fair city, came to it’s inevitable conclusion last night - Taylor Swift getting “artist of the year”. Says it all really.
While not an attendee, I spent a bit of time down at the Hilton catching up with friends, and listening to what they had heard while they were at the panels.

Sony said they are always concerned about how product is presented to the consumer. Really? Then how come they still don’t know how to pack & ship vinyl after at least 40 plus years of trying? UMGD said they were always concerned about keeping catalog titles available? Really? So how come they delete Johnny Cash vinyl in conjunction with bringing out his new album on the same format? Let’s not forget all the other quality vinyl releases they’ve just pulled from their catalog. And a panel on Record Store Day sponsored by Baker & Taylor. Really? I thought RSD was to promote mom & pop stores and not huge corporations who dabble in music amongst other things. Why not go the whole hog and have Bestbuy sponsor it?

Here’s an idea - come up with something that HELPS the industry, rather than spending 4 days slapping each other on the back and telling each other what a good job you’re all doing.

A suggestion to start you off - move street dates for releases from Tuesday to the end of the week, like the movies do. For a start, most people get paid at the end of the week, so cash is more freely available, and is there any real reason to pick Tuesday as the day? Who wants to rush out on a Tuesday night to buy a record? Most people’s social plans revolve around the weekend, so surely it would drive business a little more if new releases coincided with it’s consumer’s lifestyles.

But hey, what do I know.........


  1. Pete,
    I have often wondered, and often asked, why the Tuesday street date thing happened and never gotten a good answer, even from old skool folks back in the day. You are right on the money about how dumb it is for many reasons. What an odd choice.

    While we're at it, why are elections on Tuesdays? It is terrible for all of the same reasons, including payday. People (in Chicago, Louisiana, NYC and Texas especially) would be less susceptible to cash for votes on a Friday when they've just gotten paid!

  2. Hey Pete,

    Eric from Criminal Records and Record Store Day, just got back from NARM and had to endure Taylor Swift and Colbie Somebody last night, you did the right thing by hanging in the lobby. Kings Go Forth were amazing on Sunday night, though, worth the trip alone.

    Anyway, full on the reason why Baker and Taylor sponsored Record Store Day was 'cause they offered us a big room and some microphones plus shitty pizza and sodas. RSD is a volunteer organization, and we rely on sponsors to help us get things done.

    I've always been a "rob from the rich" kind of guy, I will eat some free pizza.

    As for Best Buy, most indie stores use them as suppliers, buying loss leaders cheaper than our wholesale opportunities. I'd eat their free pizza, too.



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