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Sunday, June 20

Fresh breath has never been so trippy...

The two waves of battering rain storms that came through Chicago earlier this week left several neighborhoods without power. My block went without a charge for nearly 24 hours. I'm definitely not as wired as a lot of people my age (what are they REALLY doing online I wonder?!?), but I'll admit no computer, no music, and no TV left me feeling a little helpless. As the folks across the street seemingly taunted me with their watts I did what most people would do and turned to the bookshelf.

Black Hole is a masterpiece. There's no ifs, ands, or buts. It's. Just. Fucking. Fantastic. Rereading it by candle light was an interested experience. There was something about the flickering low light that added to the detailed high contrast images and the acid-induced-nightmare-like story line. What exactly that "something" was I can't really say. Though, the theme of isolation that runs throughout the book has never been more apparent to me.

Now, Charles Burns has received just praise for his inkings, so calling him under-appreciated wouldn't really make sense. He's done illustrations for The Believer, worked with Sup Pop, Coca-cola, designed the cover of Iggy Pop's Brick By Brick, and even produced the following television ad for Altoids.

Fresh breath has never been so trippy...

That is all.

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