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Saturday, June 26

Now In Stock!

We just put these gems out on the shelf. Come and get em'.

No Joy 7"

This is the first 7" with the first 2 songs ever from this Los Angeles by way of Quebec duo. Perfect for summer days, summer nights, summer drives, summer in February, summer in Siam... all of the above. Visit No Joy's My
for more info.

The Bitters - East General LP

Mexican Summer standouts, The Bitters sound like trashy 80's pop heard from a decaying boombox, in a dumpster, outside your 3rd story window. It's pretty special...

Dunes 12"

Melancholy dream-pop from L.A.'s Dunes. Limited to 500!

Black Tambourine - S/T LP

A new collection of tracks, previously issued on 1999's Complete Recordings, with a few newly recorded songs and old demos thrown in for a whole new generation of Black Tambourine fans. All of those new bands with "Girls" in their name: This is who they're trying to be...

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