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Thursday, June 17

Some things never change

Diego Maradona has always been an arrogant wanker. From the time he claimed this...

...was the "Hand of God" instead of blatant cheating, Diego has been a blight on the footballing world, and the world in general.
That Argentina holds an obnoxious, ego-maniacal cokehead as it's national hero says all you need to know about the country - centre of the universe and accountable to no-one. Recent examples of his genius have been his talk show, when he basically went on about how great he was every show, and refusing to play Lionel Messi, wisely regard as one of the best players of the moment, because people dared to say he was better than the great Diego.
This week, Maradona surpassed his usual full-of-it self, when he claimed Pele should "return to the museum". Pele, a player who could actually play well with BOTH feet. He also claimed top FIFA bod, Michel Platini, was "better than everyone else". And you, my fat little friend, don't?
So, to make myself feel better, I couple this rant with a picture of Maradona as he should be remembered...and, no, this is not a photoshop job but the real McCoy. Where's did all the pies go, Diego..?


  1. AaaaHahahahahahaaaaaawow. Nice rant, Peter!! Top 5 from around here for sure...and with a money shot, too!


  2. Hilarious. "Piles of Coke" should be a more widely used tag.


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