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Friday, June 25

World Cup Update - Round 1 in the books

Now the real competition begins...here's a summary of the early matches. No major surprises for the first week, mainly due to 1st game nerves for most teams. But once we got into games 2 and 3 of the group stages, referees seemed to be more useless, and teams wanted it more.
Game of the round has to be the US-Slovenia game, where the US showed their mettle and the referee showed he didn't know what he was doing. Luckily, the Septics won through and it didn't really matter.
Least surprising moment of the round - Diego Maradona being a fat, over-opinionated dickwad...but what's new.
Shock of the round was the complete failure of both the French and Italians to turn up in their hour of need, and so both now are on planes home.
The pick of the Round of 16 is the 1966 Final rematch between England and the Bosch - and if you ever thought sports was just a game, read this article "2 World Wars, 1 World Cup" and you'll know why I can't wait for Sunday morning at 9....Let's hear those 3 Lions roar!

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