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Friday, July 2

COTW: Le Révélateur "Motion Flares"

The love affair with analog synthesizers continues as Root Strata dishes out some cosmic threads of magnetic tape courtesy of Montreal's Roger Tellier-Craig. In general I have to admit I'm not completely sold on this recent outpouring of noodle-y synth babble, but Le Rév really got his hooks into me with a whimsical approach to a genre that can sometimes be more monotonous than meditative. Or maybe hanging out with Joel for 2+ years has turned me into a softie. Either way, I appreciate an artist who uses his skill and wit to craft a recording of joyful curiosity. Like going surfing, seeing the waves are blown-out, and then realizing you've got acres of grass to work with and a kite in the trunk. Catch him live in San Francisco this summer at On Land 2010 (he's playing September 4 with The Alps, Zelienople, Xela, and more). Limited to 200 dubbed cassettes with good-lookin' offset printed covers. Root Strata mailorder only (via our friends at Thrill Jockey).

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