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Thursday, July 15

Royal Headache

Royal Headache are an Australian garage band which could warrant comparisons to Eddy Current Suppression Ring... if they sounded anything alike besides Australian accents. They sound more like an Aussie King Khan & BBQ Show.

Either way, this recording showcases the band's amazing raw energy and incredible hooks despite the fact that it's, um, a shitty bootleg.

Check it out here.



  1. What's an Eddy Current Suppression Ring? And wouldn't either Eddy Current or Suppression Ring have been a better band name by themselves? Once again, nobody asked me...

  2. you're right. i usually just refer to them as eddy current for brevity but it causes mass confusion...

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_current

    I think I remember hearing this has something to do with pressing records or more specifically making plates. I have a limited understanding of how that actually works and science in general.


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