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Friday, July 2

Space Fears

People go in and out, or over and under, or over or under. They are walking in space where things go on infinitely into the future. When the future scares them, they go into shock of the world; they are shocked by the world. They get sad and wish they didn't have to suffer so much. Then they wonder why they are suffering. "Before, I was not this way, but now I am consumed by it." This is what makes them fear the simple days and moments. Then they develop what may be called a fear of consciousness.
Fortunately, though, life does not need to be this way. A man can look inside his mind, between the folds and snapping electricity, to where his ideas of the world are. There he will find the secrets to his misery; the ones that say "You are miserable. Sorry," but which are not telling the truth. This man can look past the lies and into the eyeballs of truth, which are always blinking and breaking their gaze. But they have nice things to say when you can catch them. "Don't worry. You are doing this and you can stop. Just learn a little more."

There can be a complacency in not knowing yourself or the world, but once you learn who you are and what is happening around you, the only freedom from pain is to know more. Perhaps then you can get to a point where things are good again, and you can remain there. But when it starts to become familiar and new things creep into your mind and new events twist your beliefs, you will have to move on again. A knowing man is a drifter, traveling from one safe place in the mind to the next. But that might be too silly of a metaphor to use.

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