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Wednesday, July 7

Time Again for Caitlin's Tiger Beat Moment of the Week!

OMG! I was pleased to hear that kranky records was going to release another record by Michigan by way of Portland Benoit Pioulard. When I heard 2008's "Temper" I immediately melted into a deep pool of blue-eyed gooey-ness. I have a major musical crush on this guy. His next record, "Landed" has already been dubbed his best record as of yet by the folks here in the CTD office. And while his name isn't actually Benoit, but Thomas.. his moniker conjures up my dreams of a brooding existential frenchman.. and that's just as good, right?

Here he is contemplating in a field some where:Actually he looks a little lost...ah well. "Landed" will be out on kranky on October 12th.

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  1. *Lasted

    I think I've listened to this about 10x a day.


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