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Friday, August 13

Absolutely No Brown Ones

Here's the 1982 Van Halen tour rider in its entirety (via the Smoking Gun). Skip ahead to page 16 for the infamous provision regarding M & M's.

In perusing this document you begin to get a sense of the carbon footprints these mega-tours leave. At least Van Halen never stated their goal was to save the planet.


  1. "The shoppe-keeper and his son were a different story altogether..."

  2. I saw them for the second time on this tour, in Midland, TX. Was their last time to play Midland as they obviously blew way up after that. I wonder if the folks at Pace Productions were able to acquire brie for them in Midland? Certainly not without a fight. I was right up front and aside from a kickass show, I mostly remember a bottle of Jack Daniels on stage, and DLR walking out for the encore in furry chaps waving a gigantic Texas flag on a pole.


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