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Tuesday, August 10

Special Distance

Today, looking down from the up that I was doing already, I saw on my desk what looked like a dried smearing of spreadable cheese. It was positioned midway between my two typing hands, close (closer than I found comfortable) to a moment of contact. I peered down; nearer, nearer, and full of inspectious desires.

"Hmm...I wonder what this is?" was the thinking. "Do I touch it? Am I to be that bold? It is unlikely that it be dangerous. After all, it may only be processed and modified cheese of the sort that I typically enjoy tasting upon." I considered things some more. "And yet, it looks that perhaps this is not the foodstuff I am expecting it to be. I can see tiny fibrous hairs. They stick out this way and that as though rustled by wind or some other force. Is it possible that it has come to pass already that I have grazed this mysterious substance with the palm or wandering thumb?" This was indeed an unsettling thought. "Yuck, I say. How gross a plight. Yuck to this." And I stood, moving away from my desk.

As it is not in my nature to work hard, particularly after an experience of traumatic circumstance, I took a short leave of absence; returning to my desk some six weeks later only to discover that my problems were not gone. In fact, upon inspecting the photograph of the scene, which I had taken prior to leaving, and comparing it to the visions spied by my naked eye, I could see that even the fleece of this cheesy beast remained in the exact placement as before.

"Has no one come by to clean? Has my desk been deprived of the shuffling of papers for my entire absence? Has no one else found cause to make a change around here?" I was grumbling.

I then decided to take control. "Must I be the only one who knows the best ways of things?" Red faced and righteous.

I found a piece of bleach which I gently laid on top of the smear and waited. Time passed and continued to pass; the bleach burning the evils from that delicate zone where I lay my wrists.
"I would quote Shakespeare here, if it were not so oft quoted. Plus, I do not wish to perpetuate the use of foul language." Pious.

Perhaps I should have cursed then, for when I lifted the bleach, there was little change in conditions. I began to question myself for fear of insanity. "What first seemed like cheese now seems like a Devil. Even the cleansing power of high potency product had no effect. When away, no one took action on my behalf. Could it be that this is so because the spot does not exist? Could it be that I am breaking down and cracking up? That my mind has chosen what is normally a delightful addition to a cracker as The One Who Leads us to Shadows?"

This is my state presently. An inner battle like none I have ever faced before. Today, the truth of many things has been revealed, and still so much more has been obscured. God save us all.
I just thought blogging about it might help.

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