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Thursday, September 2

Exclusive: Jon Langford prints at saki!

You can get 'em here and nowhere else, people! Prolific musician and visual artist, Jon Langford (of Mekons fame, not to mention countless other projects) has made wood-mounted prints based off of his "saki" painting, which hangs beautifully over our fireplace... no, seriously, we have a fireplace in our store.

These limited edition 7"x7" prints are available only at saki, or our mail order site. The prints are scanned from the original painting, mounted on plywood, burnished, distressed and varnished... in short, they're beautiful.

Individual prints of Marc Bolan, John Peel, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Ian Curtis, Sun Ra, and Doug Sahm are $120

The set of 8 prints is $850

Stop in and check them out! Don't forget to pick up Jon's new album, Old Devils, available on CD and LP!

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