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Tuesday, September 28

Live tonight!

Gentleman Jesse's debut full-length Introducing was without a doubt one of my favorite records of '08. It's a great mix of power-pop and pop-punk. Think, Elton Motello meets The Tranzmitors. Elvis Costello meets the Exploding Hearts. Or, they've all puked in the same sink at a party hosted by The Nerves. It's a killer record from an Atlanta combo lead by Carbonas bassist "Gentleman" Jesse Smith (word on the street is he's actually a really nice dude).

I've been very excited for the chance to catch the band live. I even planned a trip to Atlanta for the annual Mess-Around festival, but unfortunately never made it. Maybe my roommate crashing the car while parking was a sign from god that we shouldn't burn the midnight oil for the next 13 hours on the road. Like lightning striking the same spot twice, or Jesus in a pancake. Then again, maybe it was just shit luck. In any case, tonight's the night and now it's only a matter of hours!

Tuesday, September 28th
Strange Boys
Gentleman Jesse & His Men
Natural Child
Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL

Check out this currently unreleased tune reordered live at The Earl about a year ago.

Hopefully, we'll hear that one, both side of the new Douchemaster records 7" (buy it!), and if we're really, really lucky, the cover of "Walking Out On Love" the band has been known to do.

Tonight should easily make up for the parking ticket I found under my wiper-blade this morning... (do the parking fairies go around in the dead of night tying those orange signs to trees or what?)

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  1. Dude. Give up your car. Best thing I ever did in this city


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