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Monday, October 11

Future of Music Policy Summit

Attending the Future of Music Policy Summit last week at Georgetown University was a great way to stay in touch with the industry.

Although there is still not much to say about where the industry is heading, or whether there is a silver lining in the near future, at least we have the FMC to keep the ideas and conversations flowing. Here is a glimpse into my notes from the three day event.

"Every musician and every artist should be buying music"- Hank Shocklee

Jill Sobule raised $80,000 in fan donations by offering her fans unique ways to get involved in her record and feel personally involved in her career. When she was asked if she ever had stalkers, she responded by saying: "Yeah, I put them to work, and then they get over you."

Marcus Johnson - Three Keys Music
Be a sponge - consume information, ask people to help you, ask for help on stage (“just like in church”), don't take no for an answer, don't find it, create it, make something new happen.

Amir Mohamed - Oddisee
There still needs to be quality music - put time away to create music; when it's time to write, cut the artist switch on and the business switch off until that record is done. Cultivate the music, don't let social networks consume you, be objective - view your music as others do.

Richard Burgess - Smithsonian Folkways
It's not DIY, its starting your own business, that is the main responsibility.

While studying abroad, I thought of creating an organization that would bring musicians from all over the world together to communicate with our universal language. But The Rhythm Road was way ahead of me! "The mission of The Rhythm Road is to share America’s unique contribution to the world of music and to promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange among nations worldwide." Apply Now for the Rhythm Road 2011–12 season. Deadline November 1st.

"Even if you only have 20 fans, how can you become the #1 fan of your #1 fan?" - Chuck D

“I can show you my iPod and turn you on to a whole new world of music.” - Hank Shocklee

"Next Big Sound provides a centralized place to monitor all the behavior and activity happening for artists both online and off."

Is a 1,000 true fans enough?

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